Travel Italy by Train: day 01-05 Milano B&B

01It was the very first-time experience of getting a hotel through

Having got down from the tram, the place was like a suburban area. There was a government-like building across the road (it was later found as a hospital). Pedestrians seem to be very unfamiliar neither with this neighborhood nor the address of the B&B after a few questions. The only way out was to phone and whatsapp the landlord. 02

However, there was no instant reply. This smelled not good.

According to the previous instruction from the landlord (with the assistance of Google Map), the place was found eventually quite a lot of blocks away (in fact the tram #5 should had been taken instead). It took further moment to discover where the keys were hidden and the small basement entrance.

Exhausted indeed.

As a matter of fact, the living area was not small at all. There were a bedroom, a living room (with lots of toys probably owned by the landlord’s children), a laundry and bathroom which all in clean condition.

Other than a bit of walking distance to the intersection of the city tram, the room rate HK $ 464 / night was not too bad. This is recommended in particular to those who drive.

Address: Via Antonio Maffi 20/1, Milano, Lombardia 20162.
Landlord: Roberta Coppi
Tel: 39 3382 148 758



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