Travel Italy by Train: day 01-06 Duomo di Milano

04Having settled down the luggage, the journey began and the very first visiting point was the Cathedral.

In Italy, all Churches are named “Duomo”; there is usually a Piazza (i.e. Plaza in English) in front of the church. The subway station is then called Stazione (i.e. Station in English). The Metro Line 1 and 3 reach the Duomo Stazione. Focus on the sign or banner “Duomo” would lead you to the correct exit.

35The church was built in 1387 and still ranks the second in the world, right after the Vatican St. Peter’s Basilica. The architecture is a combination of Gothic and Neo-classical style. Uniquely, the minaret stands at a level of 108.5 meters with a 4.2-meter tall gold-plated Madonna statue. The church has decoration of arch shape, pilasters, flower windows and fine-crafted 2245 statues. 135 Minarets striked into the sky and each come with a statue of God. There are a total of more than 6,000 statues inside the church.

People from the roof can see the three spider-net-like annular avenues that link to the downtown. Napoleon held his coronation ceremony right here in 1805.

Despite of the crowded visitors, people politely queued up. The interior atmosphere was not only holy but also featured with numbers of channels which took visitors to the chamber basement. There were thousands of historical relics, sculptures and paintings are available for your spiritual pleasure.

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