Travel Italy by Train: day 02-02 Duomo di Milano

04On the 2nd day of the trip, the target was the Scala Theater. Again, the church must be passed by. There weren’t that many tourists in the morning except the pigeon armies, walking and hunting for reinforcements from the plaza. Luckily, the breakfast was managed in a cafe right next to the corridor.

People were coming from all over the world and some asked me for directions (though I have only learned Italian for 3 months). Germans, Americans and British perhaps. 17

Some were Asian faces however spoke very fluent Italian with their families. This is an icon to demonstrate besides food and music, religions can bring world citizens together (having said that, I do not believe people have no religion beliefs are insane).

The 2nd largest Catholic Church on earth, I adored your exterior and interior architecture plus your positive impact to the world (e.g. free schools, churches, food donations, etc).



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