Travel Italy by Train: day 02-06 San Siro Stadium

11.jpgThe focus of the day: to be an audience in an Italian football league. The purple Line of the subway could lead the fans to the “San Siro Stadium” station. At the back of the stadium, there were so many hawker stores selling tournament souvenirs (but not sure whether the goods were pirate), including scarves, mugs, mouse pads, hats, etc.

The original name of the stadium is known as “Stadio Giuseppe Meazza” (a.k.a San Siro) which is the home stadium shared by two teams: AC Milan and Inter Milan. It was established in 1925 which holds 80K audience.

Before the match started in two hours, let’s shop around nearby. Besides badges of the clubs, some items were quite practical, e.g. water bottle, soccer, color pen set, USB memory stick, etc.. I took a set of wallet and waist belt.

35.jpgThe match finally began at 20:45. The home team was Inter Milan and the guest team was Fiorentina. The guest team scored at the 4th minute. The stadium was quiet like in a dead zone. Most of the audience certainly were the supporters of the home team and the usual “man-wave” celebration disappeared.

Luckily, we did not wear the jersey of the guest team (for safety).

The 90-minute match ended and the home team lost at 1:4. The guest team became the lead in the ranking table.

As a matter of fact, the guest team was once in the top glory of football history. The most memorial players of the guest teams were Gabriel Omar Batistuta (Argentina) and Rui Manuel César Costa (Portugal).


Inter Milan vs Fiorentina:

Inter Milan:

San Siro Stadium:


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