Travel Italy by Train: day 04 01 Milano Central Station

02.jpg3 days of Milan passed like wind. We departed from the center of Europe and about moving to a relaxing paradise. The next stop would be Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre means 5 villages. It is a well-known seashore of the villages joined together. This is believed to be the most colorful and romantic moment throughout this journey. The area is also a World Heritage.

People can do swimming, surfing, scuba diving, hiking, dinner by the beach and many other activities. The old towns lay adjacent to each other. If time allows, visitors can either hike or ride on the town-train to enjoy the scenery one after another.

03.jpgWe need to first take the regional train from Milan to the Cinque Terre area (about 3.5 hours). Then, a town-train would be the only public transportation to traverse among the towns. It was lucky that the town-train tickets have already been reserved back in Milan. So line up was not necessary. There were 6 reserved seats in each carriage. Luggage can be placed over the top of the seats. Space was not very generous but the moving speed was comfortable.

We had a pleasant conversation with a couple from Florida, USA on the first train. Times flied. The blue sky appeared and sure it would not let us down. I am eager to dive into the ocean as soon as possible.



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