Travel Italy by Train: day 04 02 Bed and Breakfasts at Manarola

03Generally, passengers who go to Cinque Terre follow the direction from South to North: Florence, La Spezia then Cinque Terre. We chose an opposite way because we were departing from Milan (i.e. North). After entering the region “Genoa”, there is the Cinque Terre region.

Cinque Terre consists of five towns (from north to south): Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola (where our hotel located) and Riomaggiore. We stayed for two nights so that plenty of time had been reserved for hiking and swimming on these spectacular islands.

06Within the Cinque Terre region, the only public road transportation is the town-train. Each ride costed 2.1 euros (regardless of which village is your destination). We figured out the hotel location at the information counter of the Manarola Station. Just pushed the side door of the room, the 270-degree ocean view was right in the front under the blue sky and golden sun. The room rate (i.e. HK $ 1,152 / night) was not low but made sense!

Via Belvedere 239, Manarola, Manarola, Italy 19010.

Vandiris – Odeyo Sas.



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