Travel Italy by Train: day 04 03 Via dell’amore

10There are at least 8 hiking routes can be tried out between the 5 Cinque Terre Villages (i.e. 4 near the coast and 4 deep in the mountains). The most famous and also the shortest one is called “Via dell’amore”. This trail locates between Manarola and Riomaggiore along the coastline. Lovers can enjoy the beauty of the seashore while families with children can do exercise because it was not too long and paved comfortably. You would not notice much about the train if it is running right below.


I am not sure if there was once any romantic story was written in real life before the birth of this road. People nevertheless all around the world do not mind to come and believe this is a place of love and luck by leaving their words and locks. Myth is sweet and easy to be borrowed as a commercial attraction. For conservation, I only took pictures, videos, postcards away and remained footprints behind.

Unfortunately, it was told that a landslip occurred few months ago and the last 200 meters of the road was yet under maintenance. Passengers could walk as far as they see the gate locked. The opened area should already be sufficient for anyone to bring back home with nice memory of sea view and the smell of the ocean.



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