Travel Italy by Train: day 04 05 Dinner at La Scogliera, Manarola, Cinque Terre

03.jpgThe Sunset was terrific and memorable. The sun fell so long (probably around an hour). Light was getting dimmer and wind started buzzing. Following, it was time our stomachs began complaining.

Having returned to the main street (i.e. one-way direction), people were hunting for their favorite restaurants everywhere. There were half a dozen options on the pavement with their neon lights on (because it was already 04dark). Many of them offer their bi-lingual menus at the entrances. The atmosphere was nice (at least no bars so it was not noisy).

Seafood must be the first choice at this evening. Let’s try out the local flavor of mussels, cod fishes, king prawns and squid, etc. The sizes were not only huge but also delicious. No doubt the quality of seafood is always guaranteed wherever there are seaports. No need to worry for your children would be idle as the cuisine variety was abundant.




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