Travel Italy by Train: day 05 02 Cruise over Manarola, Cinque Terre

07A combination activities for today were Cruise Ride and Hiking. Mother Nature, and the pure blue universe, here we come !

The Cruise ticket could be purchased at the Manarola Pier, right next to a bunch of cafe and restaurant at the shore. We are going to Monterosso (i.e. 1st village) from where we were (i.e. 4th village). I only see the fare listed between these 2 villages. I guess some other villages could be reached also from this pier on particular weekdays.

The tour only lasted around an hour. The view was amazingly charming and sunny. The crystal-like ocean and the nearby cliff are a decent couple. Joy with laugh flied among all the seats. Wouldn’t it be gracefully pleased if a private cruise parks right here and we could eat, swim and dive from the middle of the ocean to the beach !

Along the coast, passengers not only could enjoy the breeze and warm shining but also the landscape of another villages: Vernazza and Corniglia. People were lining up to wait for getting onto our cruise too.Their destination may also be the next stop (i.e. Monterosso).



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