Travel Italy by Train: day 05 03 Monterosso Beach, Cinque Terre

01The border-less navy ocean is right in front of my eyes! This is the number one attraction on my checklist in the whole journey.

Going through the only short tunnel, we saw a queue of restaurants were available for tourists. You bet that most of the seats were easily pre-occupied. The temperature seems warm along the coastline therefore swimming was definitely a must after the lunch. This beautiful beach was printed everywhere on postcards and 02calendars in souvenir shops.

Here no gigantic bus dances around so people could enjoy the luxury of golden moment quietly (including myself course).

Having filled around 70% of my stomach, I dashed into the water. Visibility? Cyan and Green terribly! Although there was no Nemo, a few hundreds of small fishes were exercising.

The water temperature was rather cold. It was strange that the autumn arrived quite early in this region. No wonder there were only a number of senior civilians were in the water. Nevertheless, I did not regret of getting myself wet. This is the named Ocean of Cultural Heritage.



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