Travel Italy by Train: day 05 04 Town Walk in Monterosso, Cinque Terre

29.jpgImmediately after the lunch, we had a slow walk into the lanes of this old town. The beach and the train station located on the left side and the town was in the middle (the right side would be the 2nd town that we would go for hiking afterwards).

This is crucial to acquire a better understanding of a local place (rather than battling in the luxury shopping metropolis). This area was a little bit broader than where we spent the nights 34in Manarola. Perhaps this town was much earlier developed, numerous small shops were selling soaps which was made of herbs, grape wine, spaghetti, meat, leather bags and many others. The price was not low however it probably offered the most selections out of the 5 towns in the region of Cinque Terre.

Yet, it was so relax because the pavements were not crowded with tourist groups and the feel of vintage remained. I would not suggest anyone to stay less than 3 days whether you are a photographer of documentary or art. I guess plenty of art students (sketching) are here in Spring or Autumn for their projects. There were plenty of themes such as florists, old churches, as well as Gelato (i.e. ice cream) along the alleys!

We had not purchased a lot of items as we were moving to the left side for hiking: the town of Vernazza.  Time to sweat.



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