Travel Italy by Train: day 05 06 Tea Break @ Lunch Box, Cinque Terre

01Vernazza is another beautiful little town. The narrow alley lead us directly into the core area.  Perhaps it was about the moment after class and a large group of children (looks like young primary school students) were lead by a few adults. May be it was also a picnic day to them. The sun actually was slowing down and we better hurry since we needed to at least stop by at least 1 famous spot on the slope.

The shops along the main street were small and 02less crowded compared to those in Monterosso. Yet, the smell of Italian was everywhere. We definitely needed to recharge our energy after the swim and hike. This shop mainly offered sandwiches (or should I say Panini) and fruit juices. The boss was a young gentlemen and married to a Malaysian Chinese. Fresh-made bread so it took approximately 20 minutes together.

How sweet was that the boss wore a blue short-sleeve T-Shirt with a Chinese word “Lucky 28” printed (perhaps a gift from her). He said they would come to Hong Kong in 2016. I wish him have a well plan and nice journey on the opposite direction.



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