Travel Italy by Train: day 05 09 Dinner@Marina Piccola, Cinque Terre

02.jpgHaving returned to the town of Manarola, which took less than 15 minutes walking, the restaurant street was already queued up with lots of visitors. We checked out the lanes for other options since the wind was also blowing heavily. There indeed a few shops were hiding at the corner.

It was after 8pm and quite a lot of seats were available inside. I bet the food quality should not be too bad as I heard many familiar voices 03from my own home town. We ordered a few dishes (and wait for around 30 minutes, should I had checked what was the closing time).

Tartare Tuna (12 euro), Sweet Lemon White Grape Wine Beef (10 euro) and Rice with Seafood Stew (12 euro however minimum order is 2) were served.  Undoubtedly a small shop sometimes gave us high expectation in terms of cooking technique. The Tartare was very sweet however the beef tasted like pork. A bit strange was that the rice had to be ordered double. I suspect the Italian chef may consider seafood with rice is a time-consuming mission (or a lot of visitors ordered this rather seafood selections in higher prices). Anyway, the taste was acceptable.



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