Travel Italy by Train: day 06 01 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

02.jpgLeaving the countryside of Cinque Terre behind, we continued the journey. Today the train schedule was a bit tight. The first stop would be Pisa (certainly the major visiting spot would be the Tower).

Without staying at the city for the night, the stop afterward would be Florence and shall we enjoy two comfortable nights over there.

In other words, we are moving from the left all the way to the right on the map of Italy.

Pisa has been known as a small town. Stepping out from the train, the luggage storage center was right in the front. Immediately to the right side, there was a wide main street which lead to a plaza (i.e. Memorial Plaza) before the final 05destination.

It must be the same emperor (i.e. Vittorio Emanuele II) again as if the one in Milan! ^_^

Today, it is Thursday, 1st October. Although the sky was not blue, over a dozen hawker stalls gather at the square, selling pork burger, truffle sauce, cheese and yaki-tori (i.e. roast meat roll) to civilians and visitors.

It smelled great throughout the alleys nearby under the chilly wind. We bought a roll of meat and a burger as lunch. The walking distance to the Tower was unknown but hopefully it would not take more than an hour. The god looked like going to cry.



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