Travel Italy by Train: day 06 02 Tower of Pisa

Walking along the shopping street, by passing 02.jpgmany special merchant shops (e.g. candies, dress, paintings), a wide canal divided between the town, almost 30 minutes later a dangerous building could be observed.

Founded in 1173, this dangerous architecture has a height of 59 meters. The difference between the north and south sides are 85 cm. At the entrance, there was a female security guard to check belongings carefully.

A lady tour-guide explained that the tower was repaired by adjusting an angle from 5.5 to 5.0 for safety and sustainability.

Having climbed up 297 stone steps, the roof was reached eventually. In fact, every step was 23difficult and energy-burnt although the width was wide inside.

Both walls had tilted angles. Every audience seems like got drunk and stagger to climb.

It would be a pity to leave the top too soon by looking at the open view just a few seconds. The roof had a circular path for walking.

Along the circumference, the beautiful scene were captured, including the Cathedral, Baptistery and the shopping streets.




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