Travel Italy by Train: day 06 05 Bed and Breakfast in Florence

08When we arrived Florence all the way from Pisa, it was already late at night. It was several hours after the scheduled registration time. We were not familiar with the speed of the train and it turned out the distance was longer than expected. Fortunately, with a mobile phone card, I was able to left some messages to the B&B owner.

Stepping out from the train station, the direction sign was not obvious as if advised by the owner. Plus, it rained lightly and we had not been served for dinner. Therefore, the only way out was by calling a taxi. The feel of the distance was a bit remote from the train station, although the owner claimed the walking distance (if a visitor could figure it out where at night) should be only within 15 minutes. 05

The night had already fallen and the door gate was lock (on the main street). It was opened, electronically, after the door bell was pushed. I could agreed that it was a pleasant surprise, even though the destination seemed to be correct. The elevator in the hall was extremely “traditional”. Composed of iron and wood, with a volume of around 6 people, surrounded by open sides, it was like a metallic cage which recalled me some scenes in the arcade game “Bio-hazard”. The motor was roaring yet the doors were manually opened when the floor was reached.

This B&B might hold around 4 families at the same time. Besides the owner’s office, there were 2 toilets and 2 bathrooms, as well as 1 small sofa decorated in a vintage style at the end of the hallway. The owner was very fluent in English and be able to summarize how we should be wandering through the city in the coming two days. Despite of the night challenge, it was a very helpful description and sweet assistance experience.



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