Travel Italy by Train: day 07 03 Basilica di San Lorenzo

01.jpgFlorence (also translated by one of the famous Chinese poet Xu Zhimo as 翡冷翠 during his studying aboard in Italy). In addition to the birthplace of Renaissance, this town circled by many small streets sell fine jewelries and hand-made products. The area surrounded by the San Lorenzo Church is probably the largest in the community, needless to say numbers cafe shops are open along the stone roads.

There are a load of small shops, selling large and 03small leather goods, bags, hats, shoes, clothes and so on. Many designs have not been seen in shops of Hong Kong. Therefore, if the price is acceptable, I recommend anyone may take a look what is your favorite. I did not buy any bags nevertheless (although my skill of leader bag making technique is below average) because my most wanted gift for myself is a pair of locally sewed black leather shoes. Anyhow, shuttling between the walls of the church and the alleys, which were established in the 19th century, was a very pleasant experience.




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