Travel Italy by Train: day 07 04 Piazza della Signoria, Florence.

03.jpgPiazza della Signoria is the origin and history of the Republic of Florence. Its name still carry the reputation as the city’s political center. It is also a meeting place to the Florence citizens and numerous tourists.

In Roman times, this place was already a central square, surrounded by theaters, bathroom and dye. At the square, there are many notable statues, including a replica of the original “David” and also the masterpieces by 21Michelangelo being stored at the Art Academy.

Stepping out from the subway station, and went alone the main road, the square is accessible in all directions with lots of hawker shops. They sold snacks, books, department stores and a carousel in a amusement park. Despite the crowded area, visitors did not push each other. Small queues were lining up humbly. The pavement was clean. Hymns and songs could be heard from the nearby church. The city deserves credits.




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