Travel Italy by Train: day 07 06 Ponte Vecchio at Florence.

01This old bridge is a stone-made arch bridge of Florence during the Middle Ages. It spans over the Arno river with many shops. Initially most of the shops were meat stores but now a large area is occupied by jewelry stores and souvenir shops for the tourists.

This bridge first appeared in a.d. 996 and the reconstruction was completed in 1345. It is considered the oldest Italy closed spandrels arch stone and also one of the famous landmarks in the country.03

In Roman times, the feet of the bridge were constructed with stones while the top components were stacked by wood. On the bridge, not only many tourists come from all over the world but also several musical performers were singing folk songs.

Being a temporarily visitor standing on this square of stone, though the sunset was over, the color of the sky was flicking gradually from blue, purple into dark. It was especially charming and allow people to leave behind the cheesy germs shop and enjoy the moment and elegant night.



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