Travel Italy by Train: day 08 02 Piazzale Roma, Venice

07.jpgThe shape of Venice was formed by a few islands. Having ridden on a bus at the train station for 15 minutes and passing a river, we arrived at the main tourist area. The starting point was relatively crowded by people and apparently it was a ticket center. This area is known as Piazzale Roma. What a lovely day of sunshine.

A lot of nostalgic buildings stand on the shores along the river. The river was very wide and 13.jpgbusy. We planned to have walk in the front to enjoy the scenery or to find out where the shopping attractions were. Perhaps riding on the water bus could be an activity on the way return.

Before coming to Italy, the impression of Venice to me was a famous harbor in the past, a center of the film industry, and an icon of fashion. Yet, the little shops and bridges right here however created an illusion of being in an amusement park.



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