Travel Italy by Train: day 08 03 at Stone Road at Venice

03.jpgIn the center of Venice, there was a long stone road which captured the visitors attention between the pier on the left and the coastline on the right. The walking distance was not short at all (easily over an hour) however travelers would not be bore because most of the shops were interestingly small and not chain-stores.

Many shops sold very local and special items, including spectrum opera face, leather shoes, fine dresses and certainly gelato (i.e. Italian ice-cream). The most popular among the Chinese shoppers had to be the “Tri Angel” baby doll which could be seen everywhere.

The most inexpensive one was 30 euros and others cost 35 to 50 euros in different sizes. The doll was actually a plot from a well-known Hong 02Kong TV drama series. The story of course revolved a love story. A few shops were smart enough to play the mp3 theme song (in Cantonese) in the shop to boost the atmosphere.

I was told by the lady sales staff that not only Chinese buyers and also a lot supporters were from South Korea and China who were crazy about this doll. Some shops were re-selling a machine-made version but she was selling only a hand-made version.



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