Travel Italy by Train: day 08 04 Piazza San Marco at Venice

02.jpgPassing through the long stone-made shopping street, we came to a broad and open landmark. This plaza was built in the 9th century and also named as “the most beautiful dinning room of Europe” by the French emperor Napoleon (19th century). Fortunately, the happy blue sky breezed with oceanic mode.

According to legend, 2 Merchants of Venice smuggled the remains of Saint Marco from Alexandria and Egypt into Venice in the year 11828. In the same year, the Church and plaza were established and these architectures were named after this great student of Jesus.

Not only this holy church was jammed with people but also thousands of pigeons. They were so get used to the audience (probably because in the western world they are rarely a main dish on a dinning table). Jumping and flapping, they were hunting to be fed. Some restaurants lined up on the side.

When the sun was down, gas lights danced with the orchestra which created a magnificent scene of dinner place.



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