Travel Italy by Train: day 08 05 Bridge of Sighs at Venice

01.jpgLeaving the Piazza Saint Marco, we moved ahead along the left hand-side about 100 meters. Crowded by a lot of couples and we found wihtout effort the  most famous bridge “Ponte dei Sospiri”.

Adjacent to the Government House (Palazzo Ducale), the stone bridge jointed the court and the prison together. It carried the Baroque style. According to a rumor, prisoners realized the end of lives and sighed when they crossed the bridge before death executions. This is how the bridge was called.

Built by an Italian architect Antoni Contino in 1602, the bridge now offers people with no sorrow. Instead, lovers were scrambling to ride on the Gondola, shuttling water channels in romance. 02

It must be leveraged by the merchants that the water brings luck in your marriage because I heard each ride costs around 100 euro. I presume there are at least 300 rides being operated per day in this area. The gross profit would be 300 * 100 euro = 3000 euro!

No wonder the merchants of Venice are well-known to be smart and rich.  I am also interested to know how the taxation works in this industry.



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