Travel Italy by Train: day 08 06 Venetian Coastline


The opposite of the “Bridge of Sighs” was an endless shore of Coastline.

Along the shore, there were small and large Gondola. There were also some larger yachts which looked like having drinking parties. Over a dozen piers allowed passengers to ride on Vaporetti (i.e. water bus) which offer lower ticket fees. Several ships were resting right in the center of the sea. I believe the lengthy shore was quite deep or else it was impossible for the boats to shuttle efficiently on the busy water.

This trading seaport has been great since ancient times.

In fact, Venice is comprised of almost 200 01islands. Between the 13th to 17th century, it was a very important commercial town in particularly trades of spices, food and fur trade.

The most remarkable iconic Venetian Merchant Marco Polo joined his father and uncle to China through the Silk Road. In 1275 Kublai Khan, emperor of China in Yuan Dynasty, appointed Marco Polo as a Diplomacy Officer. After Marco Polo returned to Venice, he was captured in a naval battle between Venice and Genoa. In prison, he allowed “Rustichello da Pisa” to record his travel experience as the well-known document “The Voyages of Marco Polo”.

This document enabled Europeans to better understand Central Asia and China. It contributed and inspired significantly to many other travelers, such as Columbus, in the production of European maps. It eventually resulted in the birth of “Fra Mauro Mappa Mundi”.



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