Travel Italy by Train: day 08 07 Sunset at Venice


The coastline at Venice was just incredibly long. If I am a tourist but have a chance to work for a moment in this city, I would love to jog everyday in this old but great town.

There were a lot of  embellish architecture such as merchant boats and continental building within the sight. If there was luck, young people may wear various apparels or masks before and after their events. As long as the weather cooperates with you, your pictures must turn 03out to be as colorful as her national flag. So do not only carry your mobile phone but do prepare a decent DSLR camera. You would not regret when you see pictures in higher resolution afterward.

The sky turned dark silently. Visitors stay on the plaza because it was about the dinner time. A lot of them were lining up to try a ride on the Water-bus not only to save transportation time but also be able to enjoy the wonderful scenery along both shores. Since the waiting line was not yet long, it was better to capture more magic moment by my camera during the sunset.



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