Travel Italy by Train: day 09 01 Murano Island at Venice

17.jpgHaving illustrated by the landlord, on the 2nd day at Venice, we were visiting two famous Islands outbound.

The first stop is called Murano Island, or also known as the “Glass Island”.  The selling point of this island was the abundant selection of large and small shops which sold glass kitchenware.

People may consider glass suppose to be a low cost material. Nevertheless, after designers and processes of polishing production, many glassware, which are served in living rooms or kitchens, could easily be marked over a thousand dollars or more. The look was very delicate and expensive.

18Originally in the 15th century, the glass production was operated on the main island of Venice. Since the generated smoke became a harassment to the residents, the government ordered the related production line to be relocated from the main island. Therefore, the traditional techniques could be preserved.

The island embraced a vast of blue sky, small bridges crossed over numerous rivers and several glass factories were opened for visitors to learn and purchase. Please take note that merchants generally refused photographing their products. So remember we should always support the spirit of original design.


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