Travel Italy by Train: day 09 02 Burano Island at Venice

10Having spent a few hours on the Murano Island, and we found nothing else new besides glasses necklaces or vases, we then moved on to another island for a walk. At the pier, the queue was not too long. The ferry only flew less than an hour before we arrived on the Burano Island.

I heard this “colorful island” was very attractive. Not until you step on the island, you would not be able to describe the level of beauty.

Arriving on the island, every corner at the plaza was jammed with visitors. I guess selling glass ornaments was not a flagship here; therefore, a large variety of goods could be found and I presume they were locally manufactured.

However, the main spot were the streets, or 22along the shores of the rivers, which were embraced with neatly arranged yet colorful village houses. The houses usually had two to three floors and they were wearing rosy pink, navy blue, lake-like green or lavender-like dresses. The scene was fascinating.

I remembered there were also a few houses back in Hong Kong which were also painted in light colors (but nothing lined up in various color as if an amusement park). I really could not imagine that it could happen in a community where the people worked hard together for such a decoration project.

Whether it was an assistance (or instruction) from the local government was my concern, but at least no one would doubt the joy and appreciation from the visitors could enjoy the design face to face.



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