Travel Italy by Train: day 10 01 B&B at Rome

03.jpgLeaving the romantic Venice, we moved forward to the very last stop in the journey: Rome. Since ancient time, Rome is the capital of Italy and also the most familiar European city to the Chinese people.

As usual, it is a must to settle down the luggage. The so-called walking distance from the subway station to the B&B was really something. The owner provided a map however seemed a bit different from the version of Google Map. The local people did not seem to know the address either. It was not surprise at all. I still remember on the first day in Milan, we encountered similar problems. The area of Italy was either too large or too many immigrants became the natives.

04.jpgWe waited outside the gate of the B&B over half an hour. Finally a representative of the landlord arrived. The Italian language course that I had previously did offer a high credibility of the local culture. Although Italians talk with loads of emotions (which is an advantage to build personal or business relationship), when the implementation of works are being carried out, the efficiency could be under an usual expectation from Hong Kong people.

The B&B was a very clean place to rest, just like the description during the reservation moment. There could be more than a few rooms, a kitchen and a shared bathroom (plus a washing machine) which together make up a gratifying environment.



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