Travel Italy by Train: day 10 02 Colosseum at Rome

13.jpgAdvised by the agent of the B&B, it was about the same transportation time between walking and taking the subway (with at least one-time station transit) in order to reach the Colosseum. Therefore, we chose to walk (a nice exercise and an opportunity to have a glance of the neighborhood) for 20 minutes on the left hand-side and moved along in a straight direction.

The Colosseum (i.e. Colosseo), built between 72 36AD to 82 AD, was the largest circular performing stage of the Romans. The show was held between gladiator-to-animal or gladiator-to-gladiator until one side was announced dead. According to historical records, when the arena was completed, the Romans held a 100-day celebration with 5,000 slaughtered animals.

Slaughtering animals during festivals shares similarities between the Italians and Chinese throughout the history.

On July 7, 2007 announced in Lisbon, Portugal, the Colosseum was selected to be one of the New 7 Wonders (i.e. N7W) through a global election of one hundred million votes.  Rest of the 6 selections are:

Pyramid of Khufu (Egypt, 2540 B.C.)
Petra (Jordan, 3rd century B.C.)
Great Wall (China, 14th century)
Machu Picchu (Peru, 1440)
Taj Mahal (India, 1654)
Christ the Redeemer (Brazil, 1931)

If I am permitted to vote for the eighth wonder, the virtual Internet would be my option. As long as human beings are committed to preserve freedom and flow of information, all historical features can remain true and safe from generations and generations, but not to be easily manipulated by human beings, or destroyed by natural disasters.



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