Travel Italy by Train: day 10 03 Arch of Constantine at Rome

06.jpgNot far away from the Colosseum, a huge wall was standing and it looked like an arch of triumphal.

The Arco di Costantino was established in the year 315, right next to the Colosseum and near the Palatine Hill. The purpose was to commemorate the Constantine I who won the Battle of the Milvian Bridge on 28 October 312 and it was the newest one among the same kind.

The Arc, consisted of three arches, has a dimension of 21 meters high, 25.7 meters wide and 7.4 meters depth. The roof was made by bricks and the surface carried carved patterns. The main body was composed by several separate cylinders and a top floor with inscription. 18

When the Roman emperor entered to the city, the troop would go through the Arc and along the main road. We always hear the saying “All roads lead to Rome”. In fact, are all visitors from any directions capable to arrive to the town?

The center of Rome (especially near the Arena district) actually does not comprise with too many high-rise buildings. In addition, the subway system offered merely two major Lines, which were the Red Line A and the Blue Line B (plus a separate Airport Express Line). The A and B Lines interchange at the Central Station (i.e. Termini). The Arena station is only two stations away from the Central Station.

So, I would like to translate this in an interesting way that may introduce this city to those who have no prior visits: To enter the center, ancient emperors could only get through by the main road; and now people could only pick the subway (or else by other transportation means).

“2 roads lead to Rome” may sound more appropriate.



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