Travel Italy by Train: day 10 04 Palatino and Roman Forum

04We spent a lengthy time to visit the arena and arrived at the opposite side of some remains when the sky was falling dark. Fortunately, our entrance tickets were for two-day visits. Therefore, we may check out these remains comfortably tomorrow.

Right behind the Arc and Arean, these two hot spots are known as the Palatino and Roman Forum. As we stood outside the gate, on the stony road, there was a musician holding a shell-like (or more precisely a Chinese “wok”) instrument. This “device” did not seems to be connected with electricity. The edge was neither fine-touch (doubt if was a DIY made).

The magic came when his fingers traversed along the edge slowly and produced a very 07special echo. The audience was frozen by the beat as if a drum with jazz in an orchestra. I had no idea whether he was invited by the local government for the performance, or as an unknown artist to demonstrate his talent with a restricted square feet.

Although the ancient Romans did not carry any mobile phones, they were not necessarily feel more lonelier than people nowadays. It is because they had abundant networking grounds. And also this site could be a public concert stadium long time ago.

Anyway, the rhythm and melody happened to be a perfect match accompaniment with the remains which captured my breath for at least 20 minutes.


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