Travel Italy by Train: day 10 05 Foro di Augusto at Rome

07.jpgWe enjoyed a casual walk at night and found a venue of lighting performance by coincidence.

Foro di Augusto was established in B.C. 2. The purpose was to honor the victory of the battle of Philippi by Gaius Octavius Thurinus (later known as Caesar Divi F. Augustus) and Marcus Antonius who had avenged the assassination (murder) of Octavius’s adoptive father Gaius Julius Caesar.

08.jpgOctavian (B.C. 23 Sep 63 – 19 August 14, was later known as Augusto which means divine and supreme), the nephew and adopted son of Caesar, who also named as the founder of the Roman Empire. As a Roman dictator for 43 years, he ended a century-long civil war. The Roman Empire enjoyed a long period of peace, prosperity and glory period, which was known as the “Roman Peace” (Pax Romana, i.e. the first two hundred peaceful years among the 500 year of the Roman Empire).

Approximately in the same period of the Chinese history, another unprecedented mighty empire was the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220). Standing apart from two edges, which had created brilliant civilizations, they were called at that moment the most advanced and civilized in the world.

Since Augusto died in August (one legend said he was last seen in one whirlwind, otherwise was murdered by some noblemen), the Roman Senate decided that he was classified into the rank of God. His name was famous enough and became the origin of the month August in many European Languages.

Here is a list of how the month of August is called in some European Languages:





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