Travel Italy by Train: day 10 06 Trajan’s Column

01.jpgAdjacent to the Foro di Augusto, there was an ancient playground and the freestanding columns which were really tall.

Colonna Traiana (Italian), located in the Trajan’s Forum, commemorated the Roman Emperor Trajan’s victory in the Dacian Wars (101–102 and 105–106). It was constructed under the supervision of the architect Apollodorus of Damascus and completed in AD 113.

The structure was about 30 metres tall (total height was 38 metres including its large pedestal). The shaft was made from a series of 20 colossal Carrara marble drums, each weighing about 40 tons. The 190-metre frieze winds around the shaft 23 times. Inside the shaft, a 185-step spiral staircase provides access to a viewin02g platform at the top.

Ancient coins indicated preliminary plans to top the column with a statue of probably an eagle but later replaced by a statue of Trajan. On December 4, 1587, the top was crowned by Pope Sixtus V with a bronze figure of St. Peter, which remains today.

There were over 2,500 people and the Emperor Trajan who appeared at least 90 times on the relief. Complex scenes, abundant characters, and the glorification of the monarch personally were unprecedented. The carved figures, appearance, national characteristics, clothing, etc., all demonstrated strong historical authenticity became an important historical and artistical documentary value.

It was unfortunate that it was too very late at night and lack of chance to check if the roof was open for the public.



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