Travel Italy by Train: day 11 01 St. Peter’s Piazza

16.jpgIt was convenient coming to Italy (and many other European countries) without the necessary of having a VISA application. It would be a loss also to skip the same Visa-Free State: the Vatican, the place I dream to have a closer look since I attended a Catholic Primary School.

Vatican, the world’s smallest countries in terms of land, yet the religious center of the earth which equivalents to 1/6 of the global population. As a theocratic political system, she embraces a major influence to all of us whether or not people believe in Christianity.

The most famous landmark in her territory is  doubtless the St. Peter’s Square. St. Peter (“San Pietro” in Italian) and St. Peter is the same person and it spells similarly among European languages (e.g. “Peter” in English, Dutch and 05German; “Pierre” in French; “Pedro” in Spanish and Portuguese and “Piotr” in Polish).

He was a fisherman, who later became one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, the recognized founder of the Roman Catholic Church, and also the first bishop and pope. Right behind the square, there it stands the world’s largest Catholic church to honor him: the St. Peter’s Cathedral (a.k.a. Saint Peter’s Basilica).



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