Travel Italy by Train: day 11 03 Roman Forum and Palatino Hill in Rome.

18In many movie plots, the Colosseum in Rome reminds us the impressions of soldiers, death, exotic beasts, weapons, fight, enthusiasm from the king, the queen suffocated to bear the bloody screen, etc. In fact, there are still many civilized public areas in Roman such as the Roman Forum and the Palatino Hill.

Having visited the St. Peter’s Basilica, immediately we re-entered the monuments we missed yesterday. This interesting area occupies 35a large range of land. On one side there was a small hill while the other side it connected to the main road and also of course the arena. Anyone should reserve three hours to circle around with lots of photography.

The ancient Roman Forum, was the center of political, economical, cultural and religious life. It is the world’s oldest square of public affairs. Moreover, many social and recreational events were happening around the buildings, such as Arch of Constantine (Italian: Arco di Costantino), and Caracalla Bath (Italian: Terme di Caracalla) which could accommodate about two thousand people (built from 212 years to 217 years).

The bath in the past provided facilities, for example a garden, gym, conference room, library and barber shop and others. The water supply and drainage systems applied underground coal or wood for the purpose of central heating. This talent design was adopted as blue prints in the Pennsylvania Station (US) and the National Assembly Building (Bangladesh).

Romulus, the legendary father of Rome, established the city of Rome at Palatino Hill. It has been inhabited since around 1,000 years BC. The monarchies and the nobilities by all means to build houses in such a luxury residential area. The land has a height of 40 meters. Staring down, the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, where we have visited, were visible.

After the decline of Rome, these places had been falling apart into rotten stones. As usual throughout the history, neither people nor dynasty owns eternality with prosperity. Old and new times rotate, regardless of the power that a reign once had.



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