Travel Italy by Train: day 11 04 Coliseum in Rome

03Once again we came back to the main entrance of the arena and there was a subway station nearby. Right across the street, visitors may immediately reach the most important tourist spot. This is very convenient and perhaps the busiest corners everyday in Rome.

During daytime, the area can be viewed more clearly. I found something quite interesting. There were two service junctions provided to the citizens. One was an electronic device charging station and the other was a water station with two drinking water outlets. Both of them were free of charge. I heard that similar stations exist in some European countries such as Germany and Switzerland (however I did not recall if they were abundant during my visits long time ago).

At the water station, it was written: 02

1. “acqua potabile, trattata e refrigerata” (i.e. drinking water, processed and refrigerated).

2. “acqua e erogazione gratuita” (i.e. water is provided free of charge).

There were two outlet options below the text:

1. naturale (i.e. natural water).

2. frizzante (i.e. carbonated water).

In Italy, there are two main choices of drinking water, namely natural water and mineral water (i.e. usually carbonated). Customres must say “No Gas” if they prefer natural water in a restaurant.

In English, Sparkling Water may be a type of carbonated water. It contains rich minerals, such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and others which are supposed to be healthy to human body.

No doubt. Visitors ought to bring their own cups at the machines.



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