Travel Italy by Train: day 11 05 Piazza Barberini

02.jpgThe shopping district in Rome was not near any of the ancient remains (e.g. the arena we have just visited) but located around the Barberini Square (i.e. Piazza Barberini) which was built in the 16th century. The most convenient means of transportation is of course by the Metro (Barberini station).

The temperature today was so pleasant. Neither violent sunshine in summer  nor the bitterness in winter which freeze my fingers for photo-shooting. The public area at the square was not very broad as expected. However, this transportation hub connected to the downtown and visiting sites through seven major shopping boulevard (e.g. Via Barberini). Visitors were countless.

At the center of the square, there was the “Fountain of Neptune” designed by the sculptor and architect Bernini.  The delicated artwork with the colors of the pool striked a profound contrast. This must be a starting point of gathering or datings for local couples.

If I may work in this town, I will certainly spend two hours during weekends, sitting in front of the fountain or having a cup of cappuccino at a corner, for relaxation, similar to the waterfront and shopping alleys in Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong.



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