Travel Italy by Train: day 11 06 Pantheon in Rome

01.jpgFollowing the signs along the street from the subway station, 20 minutes later we arrived at the the Pantheon (a.k.a. Santa Maria ad Martyres).

This temple (or functioned as a church once upon a time) was built in concrete two thousand years ago. The appearance came with a tradition of Roman and Greek architecture with round pillars and triangular spire. The rounded body was covered with a 43.3 meter diameter dome. 06.jpg

The palaces in China, however, are substantially different. Wood was the main structure yet a small amount of metal and masonry construction could be found. The common foundation rides on the rule of parallel among left-right and front-back. Besides, there were loads of creatures as decorations, such as dragon, phoenix, lions, horses, seahorses, etc.

Entering into the lobby and stood right below the dome, there were several rows of benches for believers to pray. A series of sculptures of saints were lined up in front of the curved wall. Any students who are majoring in arts or history may easily spend half an hour for a life lecture. This dome is one of the representatives in the history of the Renaissance.

Though the area was not too wide, here it still well worth a trip to feel the solemnity.


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