Travel Italy by Train: day 11 08 Shopping in Rome

02.jpgIn my memory, it seems we have successfully shopped favourite and local items at each city in this journey. Regardless of the price, I want genuine products from Europe!

At a corner of the Piazza Barberini, we found a shop selling luggage case. What a pleasant surprise. It really saved us time because earlier we have accumulated quite a lot of “procurement” which needed to be packed nicely back in the hotel.

Having communicated with a shopkeeper, we first made a quick visit at “Pantheon” and “Trevi Fountain” before returning for the purchase. The sites located 15 minutes of walking distance from the shop. This would save time and energy than pushing the luggage case around. Most shops in this region open until around eight pm. This is a pity to Asian tourists since it was considered too early. However, they still have the business advantage compared to the shops in Germany or Switzerland.

We had neither the time nor afford to check out its market price. Although we owe a few luggage cases already at home, it is still a necessity. They are in different sizes so it is convenient for selections in future trips (especially holidays may not be in the same length).



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