Japan: 02 02 Takao San

13.jpgTwo and a half days in Tokyo, The focus today (10 Oct), within the 2.5 days in Tokyo, would be hiking at the Takao San.

Takao is located in western Tokyo at a height of 599 meters high. Taking the Keio Line (370 yen) from the city to the terminal, an hour later we arrived and went for another transportation to reach the mid of the mountain (i.e. choose either Lift or Cable car.

Although the red-leaf season is not ready yet, possibly due to the large amount of negative ions, the breathing was so refreshing. Many tourists gathered at the terminal. Some of them had just finished their trails and cleaned their hiking shoes at the free water source; some were busy battling at the souvenior shop (but we retained our “power” because options must be more abundant over the Yokohama outlet later); some were queuing for the famous “grill rice cakes”.

We chose the Lift (480 yen) and only one crossbar was placed on top of our legs without seat belts. There was a large rope net beneath of us along the hill (here it is Japan so we were relax). The path took around five or six minutes and reached the recommended “starting point”. Many visitors were already there but in polite manner. The light through the forest was quite soft and comfortable. At the top of the mountain, the beauty Mt. Fuji could be seen and we ate a traditional bowl of “oden” (i.e. Kanto cooking”).

There were 6 hiking trails linked the mountain top to the station. In fact, number 1 and 6 were the most popular options. The sky was turning dim and we chose number 6 and started moving down. Compared to our usual hiking activities, this trip was not prepared at all: we had no drinking water, head lamp, mountain stick, etc. In the first 15 minutes, the narrow stream was slippery and a bit difficult; rest of the mountain path was fairly obvious. There were even a small number of visitors move upstream.

Having spent an hour, we returned to the Lift station at around 6pm. The sky was very dark however our mood was cheerful.



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