Japan: 02 03 Dinner at Kabukicho

01The hiking in suburban area took a whole day including the time on transportation. We needed to satisfy our physical and psychological demand. Let’s hunt for food (i.e. meat) in the busiest entertainment district in Tokyo!

BBQ Buffet

Having checked out quickly in the Shinjuku area, there were simply too many options of restaurant. Near a staircase, we spot a shop called “En” and the ads seems very attractive and the price was acceptable. So we decided to go for a try.

The restaurants had two floors but the sitting area was not large. The waiters/waitress could speak in Mandarin Chinese. There were also numbers of crusine introduction on the wall written in Chinese and Korean. English and Japanese menus were available. The basic charge was 2,980 yen + tax. It claimed to offer at least 75 kinds of food.

04The waitresses kept paying attention to our net whether it was needed to be replaced if burned. The meat was so fresh. the bovine offal had to be cooked (i.e. grill) before eating. Although the allowed time for dining was 90 minutes, our stomach was quite full half-way through.

The service level was indeed pleasant.



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