Japan: 02 04 Buying Medicine

01.jpgWhen tourists come to Shinjuku, we would not miss the opportunity to procure medicine.

Stepping out the food street from inside, on the main road there was a famous Daikoku Drug Store(ダイコクドラッグ).  Having compared some product prices at another famous upstair store Donkihote, it was a surprise that discount was not always guaranteed even you search upstairs.

02At the end, I bought quite a lot of medicines at the Daikoku Drug Store on the ground floor, including cough medicine, eczema medicine, muscle tape and so on. There were separate queues namely “duty free” and “ordinary” in front of the cashier. The duty free line would help you out as long as the consumption is 5,000 yen or more.

Interestingly, in recent years there have been too many mainland Chinese going to Japan for medicine, many staff can speak in Mandarin, or some of them are young Chinese boarding students.

I inquired the drug usage and the tax rebate procedure with a native Japanese staff. I kept speaking in Japanese while he explained in Cantonese “no problem”.

The customers were smiling.



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