Japan: 03 02 Backpack Procurement

02.jpgIn addition to regular photography activities in recent years, I also enjoy doing sports and hiking. However, during the hot days or following with a group of friends, it is very time-consuming to deal with photographic equipment.

Having window shopping online for over six months, finally I had chosen a most desirable multi-purpose backpack. It cost about HK$ 2,700 in Hong Kong. Since my Japan trip would be coming soon, after communicated with the only agent in Japan, I will purchase it on my way at a price of about HK$ 2,200 it.

The shop was located in a lonely new district of in Ginza. A English-speaking shop assistant was already in place which was a pleasant service. Slightly tried out the backpack, I chose the black one (because of worrying the cleaning trouble of a fluorescent blue option). He further explained that there were no more inventory for comparison and therefore an additional discount the price was offer. The final cost was only HK$ 2 thousand!

I was 200% touched!


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