Japan: 03 03 Lunch @ Tsukiji Market

04Having purchased the functional backpack, it was about lunch time and let’s move ahead to the seafood market. The distance was only a few subway stations away.

I had been to this market for a few times before. It served both for sight-seeing and for purpose of breakfast or lunch. Yet, the feeling is so refreshing each time. It was probably due to the holiday, business activities were not seem to be jammed and local people were not much. It was 07much easier to select a restaurant in a slower pace. This time we chose a smaller shop which hided inside an alley. The road was still very clean. The air condition was well maintained moderately. I picked a 2,500 yen Tuna Rice and it was a mouthful of satisfaction.

On the street, we saw a head of a raw fish head being exhibited. A Japanese tourist old man, perhaps related to the fish industry, commented that the whole fish may weighted around 80 KG; also we ate an egg roll at only 100 yen. The thickness of the egg well stuff in my fragrant mouth. What a luxurious after meal dessert.



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