Japan: 03 06 Hometown of Captain Tsubasa

07.jpgHaving ridden on the Train “Oshiage Line”, we have arrived at the home town (north of Asakusa) of the author Takahashi Yōichi, who created his famous comic (a.k.a. manga) “Captain Tsubasa”.

The time was quite late and the sky was getting so dark. We could not take pictures of all the statues. Yet, two the famous ones were seen (at least for ourselves and friends).

10.jpgThis comic began in 1983. The story was about a skillful soccer youngster Tsubasa, who grew up from the sixth grade to his football occupation. The icons were Tsubasa, Kojiro and many more.

Although it was quite impractical to have such unattainable high skill in reality, in fact the story touched many young people around the world in that generation, including a lot of football player later become well-known (e.g. Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres, Andrés Iniesta and Alessandro Del Piero).

Soft power can really reflect a strong impact of national culture from a country to worldwide. I love fomic, football and of course Japan. 14


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