Japan: 03 07 Night Scene of Mitsukoshi

01.jpgMost of the shops start closing beyond 9pm. After a dinner, we took a walk to circle around the neighbourhood of the hotel. I assume everywhere in Japan should be safe at night (actually days and nights).

The name of the Mitsukoshi Mae station (三越前站) was obviously named after the famous Mitsukoshi Department Store (三越百貨). Mitsukoshi is the name combined by two words from the original shop Echigoya Mitsui (越後屋三02.jpg井呉服店).

Founded in August 1673, the headquarter locates right here at the Japan Bridge business zone. There are other branches locate around the world, such as in Rome, Shanghai, Taiwan, Orlando, etc. (however the Hong Kong branch closed on 16 September 2006).

Although the light was dim at night, this is a high-class shopping district. The buildings are vintage, a lot of fine vechicles are parking to pickup ladies after shopping and the walking pavement is comfortably wide. So it worths for a lot of photography shooting exercise.


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