Japan: 03 08 Sakuragicho Washington Hotel, Yokohama

01The traveling distance between Tokyo and Yokohama took around an hour on the train. In fact, they are both large cities so it was quite crowded and difficult to get a seat.

I did not have much knowledge about this city (i.e. the second largest city in Japan), other than it has the largest China Town in Japan. It is also the capital city of Kanagawa Prefecture. It lies on Tokyo Bay, south of Tokyo, in the Kantō region of the main island of Honshu. It is a major commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area.02

Yet, it is worthwhile to explore other cultures than some that I am already familiar with. We first rested in the hotel at night and ready to join a few interesting activities on the following days.

The two-night free-stay at this hotel was traded by using 25,500 points from my Asia Miles account. This hotel sits right next to the station. Besides convenient transportation, another merit of this hotel is that it provides excellent day and night views from inside the room. Accessibility is super. The major tourist area is a lake nearby with shopping malls, arcace center, dinning options, factory-outlet,  a DIY noodle museum. They can all be reached by a shuttle bus and some located in walking-distance.



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