Japan: 04 04 Production of the Cup Noodle

03.jpgHaving completed a pack of instant noodle, the next activity was to make a cup noodle on another floor of the buliding.

The customers were required to buy an empty cup at a vending machine for 500 yen. We followed the instruction and sat in front of a round table. In fact, this game did not require our cooking technique at all but to paint the cup into any color, pattern, text and characters.

Des04ign has no boundary and there were a variety of color pen provided. I drew a small yellow chicken (to resemble its brand) but it was interpreted as a bird unfortunately. It does not matter because in the Japanese language, both words are written in the Chinese Character “鳥” anyway.

When the painting was completed, a staff filled the cup with a pre-made noodle and 3 options of ingredients. Having covered with a lid, it was wrapped by an automated machine. The process was very interesting.



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