Japan: 04 06 Nissin Souvenir Shop

01.jpgFinally we reached the ground floor in the route. It is the souvenir shop. The museum is so caring that allow customers to shop at the end and go home with no empty hands even though the area of the shop was not too big.

The gift selections are dazzling. There were chocolate,  candy, stationery and children’s supplies. After carving the theme character, the price of the products will be ten times more although they look really cute. 03

There were also more than 20 patterns of children’s products such as handkerchief, dinning napkin, towel, cap, toys, etc. I bought only a few things that are useful. But I saw womens were out of control (i.e. handful of boxes).

Later, I found out that there is also another branch located in Osaka. Also, a small scale promotion event (i.e. cup noodle course) was once held in shopping mall in Hong Kong too few years ago. But I bet this site in Yokohama should attract the most guests around the world.

Do remember to reserve your seat in advance on the internet. Remember each of your family member can participate in each course (rather than just watching or taking photos alone).


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