Japan: 04 07 Kishamichi Promenade

01.jpgHaving fun for the whole morning in the cup noodle museum, the next activity in the afternoon would be shopping at an outlet.

We first walked back to the Sakuragicho station. The walking distance (which we have already tried once last night along the stream) was only about 15 minutes. This route was built in 1997. The whole environment has been developed as a conservation area.

In addition to several commercial buildings, 06.jpgmuch of the space is an open area including a long waterway, the ocean, quite a lot of yachts, at least 3 hotels and a post office.  It was probably the lunch time period so we saw a line of students were passing by in their uniforms.

It was too luxury to enjoy these activities under a sunny day. The pace was slow. There were not much traffic lights. We were neither bothered by busy tourists with luggages nor cyclers. I would not doubt anyone would love to spend spare time here every day. I cannot imagine one park in Hong Kong (nor even talk about China) that appears to be in a similar design. I would love to work here, and rest a bit on the grass during lunch or after work, with a mug of drink and stay away (arduously) from long-winded office calls and aggravating electronic devices.




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